Open Sound System
Source code distribution

The source code for Open Sound System is now available under the GPLv2 or the CDDL 1.0 licenses (depending on the operatig system). Check the licensing information page for more info.

There are two different versions available. The stable version is suitable for production use. The testing version in turn should only be used by developers of Open Sound System or by users who like to experiment with the latest features. New stable releases will be released rather infrequently when there are some important bug fixes or new drivers. The testing branch will be updated more often (maybe weekly if there are any changes to the code). However the testing versions may contain features that are under development or require some testing and debugging to work.

Check the OSS developer information site for documentation and other resources for OSS developers.

Download server:
Download links for the OSS source code: Stable versions or Testing/development versions