AWCMF - Creative Music File format player

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xcmf is a graphical interface to play CMF music files. CMF stands for Creative Music Format. CMF is very similar to MIDI format, the difference being, that in CMF music files, the instrument patches are stored inside the file and the intrument patches are designed for the FM synthesizer only. xcmf provides a tape-player like interface with buttons for play, fastforward, rewind, and stop. There are controls for changing playback speed and volume.

Control Buttons

Playing a CMF file

In order to play a CMF music file, you must first select a CMF file from the file menu. A selection box pops up and displays the list of CMF files. Select a file and then press the OK button. Finally, press the Play button. You may change the speed or the volume at any time. You may also press the Rewind or the Fast-forward buttons at any time to seek to a position in the CMF file. While seeking backwards or forwards, you may press the Stop button or the Play button to continue playing the file. In order to play a new song, the xcmf must be in a “stopped” state.

CMF File Format

CMF files are organized in three separate blocks, namely, the