xmuseq - MIDI Sequencer

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xmuseq is a full functional MIDI editor/sequencer which uses the UNIX Sound System device drivers. It uses the Yamaha FM synthesizer interface to output music. It can also send sequences to an external synthesizer via the MIDI port.

xmuseq provides simple point-and-click operations for MIDI editing. Following is a description of the mouse button functions:

File Menu

Edit Menu

Window Menu

Note Menu

Events Menu

Note: All events are entered on the current track number. To change track numbers you must select a different track from the Track Window.

            <patch #> <patch name> <patch file> 
                     10 WierdSound /u/demo/wierd.sbi 
                     12 Marimba2 /tmp/marimba2.sbi 

Track Menu

Devices Menu


Other Controls

Merging two or more MIDI files

Open a MIDI file and post all notes to the staff. Open a second MIDI file and post all notes to the staff. Then play the notes on the staff.

A Typical MIDI editing Session

1. run xmuseq from an x-term window.

2. Click on the File menu and select Open

3. Select a MIDI file (with a “.mid” extension) and press OK

4. Click on the Window menu and select Tracks

5. From the Tracks window, press any/all Track toggle buttons which have an valid channel.

6. Now you are ready to edit!

7. To save the the file, click on the File menu and select Save.

8. Enter the name of the file and press OK.