midi on fbsd5.3-rel, oss 3.99.1i

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midi on fbsd5.3-rel, oss 3.99.1i

Postby ajeih » Sun Dec 05, 2004 12:51 pm


i can do cat /dev/midi or cat /dev/midi00,
and characters are printed to the console every time i enter something on my midi keyboard.
however, applications from the ports tree (examples: pd, midimountain, rosegarden) fail to see/work with any of these midi devices.

another problem is that soundrecording apps also don't work with
the oss driver. they crash (audacity) or record silence (xwave).
i have tried setting the recording device in the applications to /dev/dsp1.
recording with ossrecord works, but there are skips in the recorded
cd-quality samples every now and then.

i tried this on a thinkpad 570e with cs4280 soundchip.

the native drivers work fine while not supporting midi.



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