Sound with KDE

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Sound with KDE

Postby deggs » Tue May 18, 2004 7:20 pm


Anyone managed to get kde working with oss on solaris x86? I managed to get it to work (so I know it does) but after a recent reinstall I cant get the damn thing to squeek :(

I'm tring to run oss with kde 3.1.1 on solaris 9 x86.

Hopefully someone out there knows a fix or can help me remember what the hell has got to be done to get this to work!



Postby franz » Mon May 24, 2004 9:56 am

I'm only answering here because nobody else is going
to do it.
I never used Solaris_x86 and i'm not running OSS nor KDE on my
Solaris-Sparc, so i couldn't say anything exactly.
My "KDE controll center" has a folder "sound settings"
where i could select OpenSoundSystem and the
devices, ...
it's the KDE Linux version but i think this will be similar
with Solaris.
Maybe you would receive more and better answers if
you stop using allways words like "damn", "hell", ...

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