Sound quality problem

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Sound quality problem

Postby Vlasakcz » Sun Aug 05, 2007 6:43 am


I have the exactly same problem as mentioned in this topic (except the front problem):
I'm using OSS4 on Linux with an Intel HDA Soundchip. I switched from ALSA to OSS4 and the soundquality is rather bad. It sounds like there's way too much treble and not enough bass. It sounds really inaccurate and listening to music is no fun at all. I never had that problem with ALSA.
Additionally, the front output isn't working, whatever I select in ossxmix.

// Edit: Oh, and there is some noise when I move the mouse, the HD works or the CPU works. I never had this with ALSA, so it's not hardware related like it is on many cheap motherboards.
I also have that noise at bootup, but it disappears as soon as the ALSA driver is loaded.

The rustle noise can be heard when any event on pc occurs - data manipulation, starting the application, moving the mouse... It started shortly before the end of the installation of oss driver. It is unafected by volume setting or mute option in JDS. Sound is played correctly - I mean - osstest passed ok, I've heard the test sound; I can play mp3 - but as mentioned in the linked post above, the sound is not of much quality and it have to be played in low volume otherwise it starts crackling.

I have installed Solaris 10 06/06 in 64bit mode on Pentium IV. Sound card is integrated on motherboard (Realtek high definition audion on Asus P5LD2). No other sound drivers were installled in Solaris before.

In Windows XP there is no such strange background noise and sound is fine regardless the set volume.

Thanks for any advices.
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Postby Vlasakcz » Sun Aug 05, 2007 8:13 pm

Thanks to Midar, I've "solved" the problem. Setting the misc.front to 15:15 seems to suppress the noise.

However, I wonder whether this is really the (correct) solution of the problem or just temporary action when the noise is silenced but the cause is not removed.

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