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Open Sound System for FreeBSD


OSS 4.2 Build 2011 announced for FreeBSD 9 (x86 and AMD64)

  • Added pkgng support packaging for FreeBSD 10.

Installation Notes for OSS/FreeBSD

The FreeBSD 10 kernel statically links the NewPCM OSS driver into the kernel so we need to rebuild the kernel without the built-in OSS drivers. Follow the steps below to rebuild the kernel.

  • Login as root or superuser
  • cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf (for 32bit CPUS) or /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf (for 64bit CPUs)
  • Edit the file GENERIC
  • Comment out all the lines under Sound Support as follows:
    # Sound Support
    #device sound 		# Generic sound driver (required)
    #device	snd_es137x	# Ensoniq AUdioPCI ES137x
    #device	snd_hda		# Intel High Definition Audio
    #device	snd_ich		# Intel, Nvidia and other ICH AC'97 audio
    #device	snd_uaudio	# USB Audio
    #device	snd_via8233	# VIA VT823x Audio
  • type: config GENERIC
  • type: cd ../compile/GENERIC
  • type: make cleandepend && make depend
  • type: make; make install
  • type: reboot to reboot your new kernel
  • Now you can proceed to install Open Sound System