xfmedit - FM Synthesizer Sound Editor

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xfmedit is a editor for the Yamaha OPL-3 FM synthesizer. The FM synthesizer uses various oscillators and filters to generate sound. The OPL-3 FM synthesizer provides 18 channels of 2-operator FM sound or 6 channels of 4-operator FM sounds. The synthesizer is capable of generating stero FM tones at 44.1KHz. It uses "operators" which can be considered to be "mini synthesizers" and can be combined in many different ways to simulate musical instrument timbres. The FM synthesizer also has percussion instrument generation capabilities. There are 5 different percussions instruments:

For detailed description of the FM synthesizer please refer to the /dev/dmfm0 device programming section. Shown below is the xfmedit editor. This editor provides access to all four operators.


Rhythm Section

This section deals with the percussion control buttons.

Effects Section

This section sets global effects such as vibrato and tremolo effects on the FM synthesizer.